Cinnamon Jones is a scientist, artiste, and hoodoo conjurer living in the Massachusetts of my mind in an alternate present or near future after Water Wars have scrambled the world. Disruptors and nostalgia militias roam the roads wreaking havoc. Invisible Darknet lords troll the internet solidifying power. Cinnamon, her Circus-Bots, and dogs (one cyber-enhanced) are part of a community of Motor Fairies, Wheel-Wizards, and Co-Ops trying to hold on to who they’ve been while coming up with the next world. Old lovers and cutthroat tech rivals show up unexpectedly and Cinnamon has to reckon with epic fails, a messy past, and threats to her community as she forges a future that can hold us all.

Run from your past. Hide from your future. Protect your present.

The Water Wars have scrambled the world. Flood refugees are on the run. Disrupters and the nostalgia militia roam the roads wreaking havoc. Invisible Darknet Lords troll the internet solidifying their power, while Cinnamon, her three Circus-Bots, and two dogs work with a community of farmers, Motor Fairies, and Wheel-Wizards to provide housing, health care and education for flood refugees.

As Cinnamon confronts threats from the Darknet Lords and the nostalgia militia, she must determine how best to honor her elders and her history while building a future for herself and her charges.

It’s not going to be easy.


“[A] beautifully multifaceted story…with deep, layered, powerful characters. Highly recommended.” —The New York Times

“This is one of those books you start and realize you’ve been waiting to read for a long, long time without knowing. Will Do Magic for Small Change is a deep breath, a good friend, a heartbreaking, game-changing, life-affirming, truth-telling powerhouse. I love this book.” —Daniel José Older

“Andrea Hairston’s vision is breathtaking. She weaves sweeping historical narratives and mythology with the wisdom of the elders, and shines light on the pressing issues of the day. In her hands, language is a blessing, and the familiar and the fantastic become magic, one and the same.” —Sheree Renée Thomas

“The entire work is filled with magic, celebrating West Africans, Native Americans, art, and love that transcends simple binary genders. Hairston’s novel is a completely original and stunning work.” —Publishers Weekly

“This book glitters with West African magic, unconventional love, and creatures you won’t forget.” —BuzzFeed

“This book’s lyrical language and unsparing vision make it a mind-expanding must-read.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review on Master of Poisons

“This is an urgent, gorgeous work.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review on Master of Poisons

“The old world has died and the new world has yet to be born; in that suspended space Hairston suggests that we make the new by performing it.  The result is a novel about art and play as visionary act—   riotous, hilarious, joyous.  We save ourselves, as our heroine says at the start; and she shows how that can happen.”
“Archangels of Funk is a tour de force of Afrofunkilicious Black Girl Magic. Like all great speculative fiction, it’s about our world as well as this lush imaginary one. Don’t miss the majesty of Andrea Hairston in this new call for resistance.” 
–Tananarive Due, THE REFORMATORY
“Andrea Hairston creates original, layered, complex worlds that are a treat to explore, but what I love most is the people she creates for them. Archangels of Funk is brimming with characters who face adversity with love, hope, art, stories, history, and their bonds with each other. It’s a celebration of radiant creativity as a bulwark against despair.”
“Full of magical technology and theater kid drama, The Archangels of Funk is an utter delight. Andrea Hairston welcomes us into a future of ambient queerness and eco-anarchy, where subversive heroes outsmart dystopia-chasing capitalists with their Funkadelic vibes. Reading this book gave me good dreams — and in these dark times, that is no small feat.”

Annalee Newitz, author of  THE TERRAFORMERS and AUTONOMOUS