Listed as “MUST READ” in the 21st Annual Massachusetts Center for the Book Awards


Steven Shaviro

“The world of Master of Poisons is rich, strange, and exhilaratingly beautiful; it is also violent and terrible. Yet for all its wonders, in certain ways Hairston’s secondary world also remains disturbingly close to our own.

“This can be taken as a parable of the power of imagination.”

Hairston (Will Do Magic for Small Change) dazzles with this complex epic fantasy about a people struggling to survive in the world they’ve helped destroy. “
“This is an urgent, gorgeous work.”

Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2020 | Kirkus Reviews

“An epic fantasy set in an African-inspired world on the brink of ecological disaster.”

“This book’s lyrical language and unsparing vision make it a mind-expanding must-read.”

“This is a prayer hymn, a battle cry, a lovesong, a legendary call and response bonfire talisman tale. This is medicine for a broken world.” —Daniel José Older

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