Locus Mag Interview with Andrea Hairston

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January 2021

Andrea Hairston: Conjure the World

Excerpts from the interview:

“I read before I went to school. You could get a kid’s library card if you could write your name, so I got my card when I was around four. My mother was a big supporter of reading. Once I was old enough to get a grownup library card, I started taking out five or six books a week. I con­sumed books – it was like food. My older brother was a big reader, too. He would read all the books I read, plus all his books, and then wanted to talk about them, so I had to read his books, a lot of fiction and non-fiction. He was a big science fiction and fantasy fan, and had a collection of comic books. I read his comic books and then we argued over them. I mean he even read the encyclopedia – a serious nerd before that word was so big.