Publishers Weekly review of REDWOOD AND WILDFIRE Hairston (Master of Poisons) conjures a powerful coming-of-age saga highlighting hoodoo magic and the power of storytelling and set in an alternate 1890s American South. Black teen Redwood Phipps’s magic might be even more potent than her mama’s, and her confidence, fiery spirit, and hoodooing habits may be too much for the folks of Peach Grove, Ga., Black or white. Irish Indigenous Aidan Wildfire Cooper honors his promise to keep an eye on her after her mother is killed by a racist mob. READ FULL REVIEW
MASTER OF POISONS Listed as “MUST READ” in the 21st Annual Massachusetts Center for the Book Awards READ MORE Steven Shaviro “The world of Master of Poisons is rich, strange, and exhilaratingly beautiful; it is also violent and terrible. Yet for all its wonders, in certain ways Hairston’s secondary world also remains disturbingly close to our own. “This can be taken as a parable of the power of imagination.” Hairston (Will Do Magic for Small Change) dazzles with this complex epic fantasy about a people struggling to survive in the world they’ve helped destroy. ” “This is an urgent, gorgeous work.”
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“An epic fantasy set in an African-inspired world on the brink of ecological disaster.”

“This book’s lyrical language and unsparing vision make it a mind-expanding must-read.”
“This is a prayer hymn, a battle cry, a lovesong, a legendary call and response bonfire talisman tale. This is medicine for a broken world.” —Daniel José Older
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